Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia
Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia
Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia
Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia
Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia

Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia

The Fabric & Leather Shoulder Bag - Ersilia Fuchsia is available in all Kooreloo authorised stores found on our Store Locator page.

For orders, please contact us at info@kooreloo.com.

Part of the Geometry Ersilia Mediterranea Collection, a.k.a. GEM, the Ersilia bag's vivacious personality and geometric elements will steal the show!

Designed in a trapezoid silhouette, the Ersilia fuchsia shoulder bag features a combination of mixed-pink woven fabric and a hot pink premium leather flap, adorned with a decorative plexiglass trapezoid for a more stunning effect. 

Detach its bronze-tone chain strap and carry it as a tote or let it swing with grace over your shoulder...either way...it will make a bold statement!

Size (Length x Height x Width): 10.2 x 7.8 x 4.7 inches / 26 x 20 x 12 cm

Handle length: 11.8 inches / 30 cm 
Chain strap length: 41.3 inches / 105 cm 
Internal zip pocket 



Care Instructions

How to maintain the original quality of your item


All Kooreloo creations are exclusively handmade with love and passion using traditional and delicate materials which require special care. Following handcrafted procedures, all fabrics and leathers are combined in original ways ensuring that you receive incomparable works of art.

To maintain the original quality of your item, we recommend the following:                                 

- Store your goods in the Dust Bag provided to keep it dust-free and protected when it is not being used.

- Leather is a unique, natural and porous material. Do not use a plastic bag or any other nonporous cases to store your leather bag.

- Avoid exposure to heat, humidity and sunlight.

- Do not submerge your bag into water and avoid direct contact with any kind of moisture as this might stiffen your leather good and damage your leather, fabric or fabric/leather item.

- Do not wash your item in a washing machine.

- Due to the nature of the material, only Specialist Dry Cleaning is suggested for leather, fabric/leather, suede/leather, sheepskin and fabric (wool, cotton, etc.) bags. Professional cleaning services are highly recommended to remove any stains or dirt.

- Keep the bag away from any detergents and cleaners as well as any liquids and oily products that could irreversibly damage it.

- Do not overstuff your bag with heavy or pointy items.

- When your bag is not being used, stuff it with a soft material like tissue paper to maintain its shape.

- Metallic leather is sensitive and may wrinkle over time and use.

- The woven fabric edges of your bag are very delicate and should be treated with the utmost care. Yarns, fibers and threads might fray with use. Please do not worry. This is normal and only adds to the unique beauty of the traditional fabric bag you have purchased. Under no circumstances do frayed edges result in your bag coming apart. If you do not like fibers sticking out from the edges, you can remove them by gently cutting them. We always suggest a brief communication with us at info@kooreloo.com to guide you through before proceeding.

Kooreloo‚Äôs philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, creativity, tradition and uniqueness. The beauty of¬†long-standing craftsmanship is reborn with the natural materials and handmade techniques we adopt to create¬†distinguishable goods. That is why all our creations are seen as art objects which need regular periods of ‚Äėrest‚Äô and proper care.